Affordable Housing For Senior Citizens

As the baby boomers get older finding affordable housing for senior citizens becomes more important as many choose to sell their homes in order to get cash to live on or because they can no longer take care of it.

For many seniors housing subsidized by the government is the only affordable housing options they have because of their low income status.

The good news is that for those low income seniors housing can be both affordable and comfortable because many subsidized communities are safe, well maintained and offer many senior activities.

Affordable Housing For Senior Citizens – How To Qualify

To qualify for these programs a senior or their spouse must be at least 62 years of age and their income less any approved medical expenses must be below the 50% of the median income for the state and county that they live in.

While this sounds complicated it is really quite easy as the HUD website provides all of the income tables you will need to see if you qualify.

Seniors also have to be able to take care of themselves as the government programs (called the Section 202 program) don’t provide assisted living services but it is important to note that some residences will have some assistance available through local agencies or charities.

Other programs like meal delivery might be included or available for a fee in some housing complexes but once again these are at the discretion of the landlord. The government does not administer the programs directly leaving that to non-profit programs that get financial assistance from HUD in order to make affordable housing for seniors available in the community.

If you are thinking of moving into one of these low income facilities you should visit it in person and try and talk to some of the residents. Visiting at night is a good idea to give you an idea of how safe and well-lit the facility is as a community can look completely different at night.

If you aren’t sure about anything in your lease agreement be sure and have your attorney look it over before signing it but rest assured that affordable housing for senior citizens that is safe and clean is available for anyone that needs it.