Assisted Living Apartments

It’s no secret that the population of elderly in THE U.S. is on the rise. It is estimated that millions of seniors will reside in assisted living by 2025 alone. And when you consider how many options are available to these individuals, it can lead to some rather mixed feelings. All of this leads to a single question: what are my options?

This article breaks down 3 different types of assisted living apartments for seniors and provides some pros and cons for each.

The first category is a far more luxurious option known as Independent Living. This type of Assisted Living offers independent living to the elderly in a spacious and safe environment. Some of these residences even offer a few luxury amenities such as gourmet meals, regular housekeeping services, and 24 hour emergency response staff or attendants. These houses are particularly beneficial for those with poor mobility or other disabilities that would prevent them from living independently.

The second category of Assisted Living is called Independent Life Care. This is a more affordable housing option for those who wish to remain in the comfort of their own homes, but would still benefit from assistance and assistance. Independent Life Care provides 24 hour security and help with daily activities such as meal preparation, shopping, and medication reminders. This option typically comes with a cost of around $2,000 to $3,000 monthly.

The final category of assisted living apartments includes the Elderly Housing facility, or simply Senior Center. This type of residence resembles an independent living household in many ways. Elderly Housing provides a variety of amenities that are included into the monthly costs such as meals for the residents, housekeeping, and even transportation services. This center is typically filled with other retirees who have similar interests and lifestyles.

With so many options available to today’s seniors, you can rest easy knowing that comprehensive assisted living plans will give you a great home while providing all of the assistance you need to live your life uninterrupted and independently.