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Affordable Housing For Senior Citizens

Tuesday, February 3rd, 2015:

As the baby boomers get older finding affordable housing for senior citizens becomes more important as many choose to sell their homes in order to get cash to live on or because they can no longer take care of it. For many seniors housing subsidized by the government is the only affordable housing options they have because of their low income status. The good news is that for those low income seniors housing can be both affordable and comfortable because many subsidized communities are safe, well maintained and offer many senior activities. Affordable Housing For Senior Citizens – How To […] Read More →

HUD Senior Housing

Sunday, January 18th, 2015:

Many of our elderly need help with living expenses because they are living off of fixed incomes like Social Security and have little in the way of savings. To help those in need the government has set up the HUD senior housing program which is formally known as the Section 202 program and anyone that meets the eligibility requirements can participate. In fact, the government has taken the issue of senior housing so seriously that it has amended housing laws to permit the exclusion of families with children from designated senior communities. How Do You Qualify For HUD Senior Housing? […] Read More →

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