Senior Independent Living Communities

Senior living communities are a popular option for those who want to live outside the traditional setting of an assisted living facility or nursing home. Senior independent living communities provide more freedom and independence than conventional senior homes, but without sacrificing the quality of care needed for seniors in need.

This article will help you understand what features these retirement centers offer, how they compare to other types of senior care, and why they are so popular among seniors.

What is a senior independent living community?

Senior independent living communities provide seniors with more independence than in-home care or nursing homes. Residents of senior independent living communities are free to live in the community, attend classes or social functions, or eat out. They are free from the rules and restrictions of assisted living facilities or nursing homes and can make the decisions on how they want to live their remaining years.

Senior independent living communities are designed with the aging population in mind, providing apartments that are larger and feature more space as well as other features, such as walk-in showers, roll-in baths, and special equipment. Seniors can live in these residences for a few months or a few years depending on their needs.

What services do senior independent living communities offer?

Senior independent living communities offer assisted living services but without the restrictions. Residents are provided with around-the-clock assistance and care, but can decide if and when they want to use it.

Assisted living services at senior independent living communities include:

Continuous supervision and assistance as needed with daily tasks such as dressing, bathing, grooming, cleaning, cooking, and grocery shopping.

Assistance with medication management and physician visits. This includes monitoring of blood levels and changes in medication schedules. Most senior independent living communities also provide a 24 hour nurse assistance or doctor on call for emergencies.

Socialization, education and entertainment programs, including group activities and field trips.

Transportation to different destinations. The cost of the transportation may be covered by the senior resident or their family members or include a monthly fee for all transportation services. The latter is the most popular option because it allows seniors to travel as often and as far away as they want while paying a fixed rate.

Why are senior independent living communities so popular?

Liberated from the restrictions of assisted living facilities or nursing homes, and with the help of 24 hour care and assistance, seniors in senior independent living communities can live just as they want. This leads to a higher quality of life for older adults, who see their independence preserved even in later years. Seniors at these communities are also able to retain their dignity and enjoy the camaraderie of other seniors in similar situations. Seniors in senior independent living communities are also able to save money on housing because they pay only for the services they want, when they want them.

The cost of senior independent living communities can vary depending on the type of services provided and the amenities offered at the community. It is important to do your research thoroughly so that you can find a community that matches your needs and budget.

Tips for choosing a senior independent living community

Choosing a senior independent living community can be a daunting experience, especially because there are so many available options. Here are some tips that will help you in your search:

Visit at least three different communities before making any decisions. Allow yourself enough time to look around and talk to residents and administrators before making a choice. You want to make sure that you get the right fit for you and your loved ones. This can be a good way of finding out if you are an appropriate candidate for this type of care.

Research the various communities to understand the services offered, costs and amenities. This will allow you to make an informed decision about the best choice for your loved one.

Talk with your loved one about their upcoming transition in senior status, and ask them what types of help they would like in the future and when they want that help.

Learn more about the prospective communities by talking to current residents. Find out how well they like living there and what they have to say about their care.

Consider your budget when choosing a community. Pay close attention to the monthly costs of each community, including how many services are included in the package along with transportation and housekeeping costs.