How To Qualify For Government Subsidized Senior Living

It is a sad fact that many of our senior citizens need help paying their living expenses because they do not have enough money.

If you are a senior or are helping one and need to know how to qualify for government subsidized senior living it really isn’t that hard because there are many federal and state programs in place to aid you and there is nothing wrong with getting assistance after working for years and paying taxes.

If you are interested in the HUD 202 program you or your spouse needs to be 62 years old or older in order to qualify for assistance. Additionally, you cannot have any children such as grand kids living with you.

The primary qualification is that you have a low income as specified by the government. This is based on income ranges that are periodically changed for inflation and/or cost of living adjustments (COLA).

This income then has any approved medical expenses deducted from it and a quick search will provide a list of what these eligible expenses are. The result is then multiplied by a factor (currently 30%) and that is the amount you will receive in government help.

So, anyone that has too high of an income will be ineligible to qualify for government subsidized senior living because the government feels that they are able to pay for their own rent without the need for any outside help.

The final qualification is that the senior must live in an approved residence and in densely populated areas there can be a long waiting list. If this is the case you will be best served if you can find out the wait times and plan accordingly so you can live in the community of your choice when it comes time to move.

Additionally, some subsidized housing programs stipulate that you must be able to care for yourself with minimal outside help but many senior buildings will have additional services that are sometimes paid either partially or completely by the government to aid anyone needing some additional care.

If a senior does fail to qualify for senior subsidized housing all is not lost because many charities have programs that can help provide and these are certainly worth investigating. Keep in mind that many of these programs require the applicant to be a member of their organization such as a fraternal order or religious sect.

So, how to qualify for government subsidized senior living? Simple, just ask. For more information check out this article Senior Citizen Government Subsidized Housing that has some great tips.