Retirement Mobile Home Parks

Retirement mobile home parks are a popular way for seniors to live out their golden years. While some mobile homes can be rented most are owned by the senior outright who then pay a lot rent .

All of the services a homeowner has come to expect like utilities and trash pickup are available and the only difference is that your “neighborhood” is composed of mobile homes full of retirees instead of traditional houses.

Most retirement mobile home parks are age restricted to keep out noisy kids and teens and many communities have active programs for the residents with access to swimming pools and clubhouses. Higher end parks will also have meals and nightly entertainment available as well as a variety of clubs and exercise and educational classes.

Snowbirds often have two residences, on the north for spring and summers and one in the south for fall and winter and this because a mobile home usually is lower priced than a traditional home many seniors are able to afford this little luxury.

In fact, this is what my Aunt and Uncle do. They have a little place here in town for the spring and summer months and a winter place in Florida which just so happens to be a double-wide mobile home. In fact, my mom told me that they are planning to sell their house here in town and move permanently to Florida this year.

Retirement Mobile Home Parks – What To Look For

Before you move to any mobile home community you want to make sure that you are close to grocery stores and medical facilities in case you need treatment.

Check out the amenities the park offers and pay attention to any added costs for these as well as any property taxes and other ongoing costs you might incur living there.

Pay close attention to the overall property. Does it look well maintained or is it run down looking? Are the mobile homes in good shape or are they older and rusting?

Sometimes seniors living on fixed incomes may not be able to afford one of the better retirement mobile home communities and so they may have to make some compromises and move into one that might be a little less luxurious.

No matter which one of the many retirement mobile home parks you decide on before signing anything make sure to have your lawyer look the papers over so you are not taken advantage of or mislead.