Subsidized Senior Living

For the many individuals who are struggling to make ends meet, subsidized senior living is a budget-friendly alternative. It provides essential services like nutrition, transportation and healthcare at substantial savings for low-income seniors.

When it comes to subsidized senior living, there are many options. Some communities offer on site health care as well as assistance with grocery shopping and childcare. Other communities offer housing only in addition to essentials like food and medical care.

Some key questions to consider about subsidized senior living include:

How much does it cost? Affordable housing communities can range from $800 – $1,200 per month, depending on which services are included.

Is it government subsidized? Residents pay 30% of their income toward the cost of living. The government helps pay the remaining amount through the Section 8 voucher program or directly to the property. Owners receive payments according to a formula designed to help keep costs low.

Is it a nonprofit? Some properties housing senior citizens are owned by non-profit organizations.

Is it for individuals only or for couples and family members too? Most subsidized senior living communities are designed with roommates in mind, however the number of residents who share homes is growing and more private residences are now available. In addition, many communities now offer assisted living services for family members.

Can you get the support of medical professionals? The medical team at subsidized senior living communities provides everything from emergency care to regular checkups and visits with a doctor. Some communities even provide emergency room services, so seniors do not have to travel far to receive care.

Is it safe? Community officials will often sweep and clean common areas daily as well as provide fire safety inspections. In addition, community health professionals also work with residents to monitor overall health and nutrition.

Whether you’re a senior who is searching for affordable housing or you’re a caregiver who would like to live near seniors, subsidized senior living is an opportunity for both. Contact your local social services office to learn more. (SSA)